For advice or assistance with treating injured livestock contact your local veterinarian.

Alternatively, you can call the PIRSA Agriculture and Livestock Hotline on 1800 255 556.

PIRSA can help:

  • assess injured livestock
  • advise on how to access veterinary services
  • assist with euthanasing severely injured livestock on welfare grounds
  • locate livestock
  • inspect livestock
  • provide advice on disposal options for deceased livestock
  • coordinate emergency fodder, water and fencing through Livestock SA
  • coordinate recovery measures.

More information on bushfire recovery is available on the PIRSA website.

Advice on disposing of animal carcasses and other forms of waste from bushfires is available on the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) website or phone 8204 2004.

Native animals 

If you encounter an injured native animal after a disaster, contact your local wildlife rescue group for further advice.

If you intend to care for an injured native animal short-term, and have the skills and resources to do so, you must obtain a permit.

Rescue or rehabilitate native animals permit information

Feeding native animals is generally not recommended as it can affect their natural behaviour, nutrition intake and cause the spread of disease. However, some animals may benefit from short-term supplementary feeding after a disaster, until the natural environment has recovered.

The Department for Environment and Water has further information on feeding wildlife