Part of recovery is creating resilience. Doing so will build a stronger and more connected community that has faced challenges together and is prepared for whatever may lie ahead.

As we work through our recovery from the 2019-20 Bushfires together, this space will be populated with your ideas, stories, photos, videos and projects. For now, make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter and that you’re part of our Facebook group, so you can stay up to date on what’s happening in our community.

Have your say

The community’s input is vital for recovery. Many projects and programs are looking to the public for their thoughts and ideas. This page will post any surveys and opportunities for consultation currently open.

Even if there are no active engagements, we still want to hear what you have to say. Contact Rob or Cathie to let us know your thoughts and ideas for the future of your community.

Community newsletters

These newsletters provide updates on recovery information and events, as well as advice and information on various services in the community.