Supporting people

Dr Rob Gordon: anniversaries for significant events - Red Cross

  • What anniversary events mean to individuals, families and communities (video, 36 minutes)

Dr Rob Gordon: Bushfire recovery during COVID-19 – Red Cross

  • Looking after yourself, family, friends and community (video, 1 hour 40 minutes)

Lyn Page: Supporting young people through disasters – Red Cross

  • Children and young people experience disasters differently and many parents and carers worry about how to support them as they recover (video, 1 hour 21 minutes)

Rural Aid Australia – Community Builders webinar series

  • A series of webinars focusing on community rebuilding and resilience

Dr Margaret Moreton: A story of resilience

  • Dr Margaret Moreton reads a story of community-led disaster resilience – the future imagined (video, 25 minutes)

Life after bushfires - repair, rebuild, recover

  • SANE Australia has launched a digital bushfire recovery resource called Life After Bushfires, including stories, tools, tips; and opportunities to connect on the Bushfire Forum, a place for people from bushfire affected communities to share knowledge and experiences, ask questions and offer support.

Property and rebuilding

Adelaide Sustainable Building Network Spotlight – Bushfire resilience

  • This webinar from April 2020 explores how you can improve the bushfire resilience of your home (video, 35 minutes)

Build Back Better: a fire recovery workshop

  • This presentation provides valuable guidance around rebuilding after a fire including the design process, planning approval, bushfire assessments and working with builders, architects and designers. It also includes a Q & A session with a panel of experts. (video, 2 hours)

Animals and natural resources

Post-fire woody weed control – Landscape South Australia Hills & Fleurieu

  • Learn about how weeds respond to bushfire and different ways to control them (video, 10 minutes)

Fire Recovery: Reconstructing native grasslands – Horse SA

  • Presented by Andrew Fairney (video, 1 hour 5 minutes)

Fire Recovery: Pasture management for small horse properties – Landscape South Australia Hills & Fleurieu

  • Presented by Andy Cole (video, 27 minutes)

Gardening after fire

  • A range of resources to help you rebuild your garden after a bushfire, including a video and blog from ABC Gardening Australia presenter Sophie Thomson