After a bushfire, you will need to assess the state of your home to determine if you can move back in.

Any building work should be carried out by a licensed builder or demolition contractor. If your home contains asbestos you may need to engage a licensed asbestos removalist.

Once your home has been assessed by the builder, contact your insurance company to work out an action plan.

It is important when rebuilding that you think about how you can protect your home from fire. You need to consider the bushfire risk to your home and make building decisions that will reduce the impact of a fire. Your home is more likely to survive a bushfire if it is built to planning and construction standards.

Architectural assistance

If you lost your home due to natural disaster and were uninsured or grossly under-insured, you may be able to get free advice from a registered architect.

Depending on your specific situation, the assistance may vary from simple advice to full design and planning services.

You may also apply on behalf of a small local business or community that has lost its assets such as shops, halls, churches or theatres.

Apply for architect assistance

Rebuilding advice and support

The Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has put a range of measures in place to help streamline the rebuild process. For bushfire rebuilding, planning and building application support or advice, please contact the Planning and Building Assessment Recovery Unit.

Phone: 7109 7060

Rebuilding fences

When rebuilding fences, you must consider:

Other information and resources: