Native vegetation is still protected, even after bushfire.

Native vegetation in most parts of South Australia is protected under the Native Vegetation Act 1991, including after bushfire events.

Check to see if you need approval if you need to:

  • back burn
  • clear fire breaks
  • remove vegetation for access.

Managing native vegetation after fire

Information is available on managing native vegetation after fire, including:

  • clearance
  • biodiversity
  • how burnt trees regenerate
  • the importance of trees to shelter native wildlife and prevent soil erosion.

Read more about managing native vegetation after fire

For native vegetation advice and support, contact your local Landscape South Australia Centre:

Landscape SA Hills & Fleurieu

Landscape SA Kangaroo Island

Landscape SA Limestone Coast

You can also visit the DEW website

Phone the DEW Native Vegetation Branch on 8303 9777