Some solid and liquid waste is hazardous and is not suitable for the usual collection and disposal methods.

Hazardous waste products include:

  • garden chemicals - e.g. pesticides, weedkillers and fertilisers
  • insect repellents and rat poison
  • cleaners - e.g. oven cleaner, toilet cleaner, bleach, ammonia and furniture polish
  • automotive products - e.g. fuel, lubricants and degreasers
  • home improvement products - e.g. paints, thinners and adhesives, batteries and pool chlorine.

Hazardous products should not be put out for garbage collection, buried, or allowed to enter sewer or stormwater systems.

Materials like paint, pesticides, herbicides, poly-pipe and fertilisers can be collected from your fire-affected property free of charge.

Do not decant or mix chemicals, and keep them in the original containers. If you know what chemicals are in the container and the label is not readable, please label the container to assist with identification.

Household chemicals and paint can also be disposed of at one of Green Industries SA’s drop-off depots

Permapine and CCA timber

Replacing fences or other structures made from permapine – timber treated with copper chrome arsenate (CCA) – must only be done using safe handling procedures:.

  • make sure you wear personal protective equipment, including mask, goggles and gloves
  • bag permapine ash in heavy-duty plastic bags and seal each bag
  • store the bagged ash with other permapine posts and sleepers
  • store permapine ash and permapine timber separately, away from non-treated timber, organics or crops - mixed storage will result in the entire amount being treated as hazardous
  • do not chip or mulch permapine timber, burn it or use it as ground cover
  • store permapine timber on a waterproof lining - do not leave it in contact with soil
  • permapine timber must only be disposed of through a landfill licensed to handle chemical waste.

More information about handling permapine can be found in these fact sheets:

Permapine (CCA timber) waste - storage and management (EPA) (PDF 186 KB).

Landfill sites that can accept permapine timber and ash:

Southern Waste ResourceCo

McLaren Vale depot
Phone: 08 8327 3914

Integrated Waste Services Dublin

Phone: 08 8243 2644

Cleanaway Inkerman Landfill

Prime Road, Inkerman
Phone: 08 8867 1355