Asbestos was a popular building material used widely in Australia until the 1980s. It was banned in 2003 because it can pose a serious health risk.

If your home was constructed before 2003, it may contain components with asbestos fibres. When undisturbed, asbestos does not pose a health hazard. However, when disturbed, asbestos particles will become airborne and dangerous.

If you suspect your property may contain asbestos, the debris must be disposed of safely and securely. Contractors must only enter the site in full personal protective equipment and all debris must be securely bagged and transported in a sealed tray. Not all landfills are equipped to accept and dispose of debris that contains asbestos.

Often the surrounding soil will be scraped to a depth of 10mm. Hard services such as concrete slabs and driveways will not absorb asbestos particles and can be cleaned.

If you are insured, and you have any questions regarding the removal of debris from a property, speak with your insurer.

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