The Federal and State governments have covered the costs of cleaning up material affected by the 2019-20 bushfires.

The clean-up is now largely complete, helping the community begin to rebuild.

If your property was affected by the bushfires and you still require assistance with clean-up and removal of bushfire-affected materials, including:

  • bricks
  • rubble and demolition waste
  • e-waste
  • metal sheeting
  • metal tanks
  • plastic rain water tanks
  • fencing materials
  • polypipe and irrigation materials
  • vehicles

Please contact Green Industries SA

Clean-up of bushfire affected material

For replacement of rubbish and recycling bins contact your local council.

Check with your local council before moving any non-household rubbish or waste. If you need temporary bins for this waste, contact your local council. Separate recyclable materials such as scrap metal, concrete and bricks.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides advice on waste management issues and disposal of burnt items from bushfires, including:

  • CCA treated timber
  • contaminated water in rainwater tanks
  • chemicals
  • bushfire-affected animal carcasses
  • building rubble
  • wastewater disposal.

Health information

For health and other information related to clean-up and waste management, visit the SA Health 'After a bushfire' webpage