The judging of the 66th Annual Pasture Competition, run by the Mount Barker Agricultural Bureau, will take place on Thursday 8 October.

The competition is run to give land holders in the district an opportunity to look at what other property owners are achieving and how they are going about it.

“Over the years I have been involved, the standard of pastures has continually improved to the point that I feel our members produce some of the best pasture in the district,” said President of the Mount Barker Agricultural Bureau Phil Venus.

The judging day is run as a tag along driving tour following the judge around. At each site the group stops and inspects the pasture, the landholder explains what they are trying to achieve and what they have done to get there, this is followed by some feedback from the judge and a general discussion among the group.

“It is a great opportunity to learn about pasture management,” said Phil.

There are several categories in the competition; five-year-old + pasture, annual crop/pasture and rejuvenated pasture. This year there is a special focus on pastures that were burnt in the Cudlee Creek fires.

“These pastures take a bit of extra management to get back to where they were, there are some others who are starting from scratch, both have their place and we are keen to see what people are doing,” said Phil.

“We are very keen to hear from non-members who may want to enter a pasture to use it as an opportunity to get some help in their recovery process.”

Entry is open to non-members and anyone interested in participating on the day is encouraged.

More information

The day starts at the Carlton Club - Balhannah Road, Hahndorf at 8.45 am for a 9.00 am departure.

Lunch will be provided at a cost of $15 and a BBQ at the end of the day will also be held at a cost of $20 per person (please BYO drinks).

Download the entry form as a PDF (276 KB). Entries close Wednesday 30 September, 2020 at 5.00 pm

Further information can be obtained by calling Richard Ball on 0413 359 261 or Anthony Schoell on 0466 577 692.


COVID pre-registration is essential by emailing rm.ball@bigpond.com